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Chicago Boxing Club

Winner of 2009-2012 Chicago Gold Glove
Boxing Tournament Team Championships

Chicago's leading producer of
Boxing Fight Night" events

Chicago's information source for fight training gyms

Chicago Boxing Club continues to serve as an expert information source for true fighters, boxers and boxing fans who are interested in finding Chicago's serious training gyms for boxing and self defense as well as muay thai,  jiu-jitsu and other martial arts.

Chicago Boxing Club also produces exciting live amateur boxing events in the Chicago area. Get live updates from our amateur boxing events by following the action on twitter @boxing_joe 312-450-7850


Chicago Boxing Club captured four consecutive Chicago Gold Glove Tournament Team Championships winning the team trophy in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012

Chicago Boxing Club's gym location is now closed

Two new boxing gyms have grown out out of Chicago Boxing Club. Sam Colonna now runs
Sam Colonna Boxing Gym and Rick Ramos runs Bodyshot Boxing Club


Chicago Boxing Club gym located at 3508 S. Halsted closed its doors in December 2012 when the building space that CBC rented was sold to another owner with plans that didn't include Chicago Boxing Club. Classes and lessons were available seven days a week including Boxing classes and lessons, Muay Thai classes and lessons, Youth Boxing classes and lessons, Jiu Jitsu classes and lessons, Wrestling classes and lessons and Cardio boxing classes and lessons.  Chicago Boxing Club Boxing classes for Women included a boxing 101 class for women, a kickboxing class for women and a cardio boxing class for women.

Professionals and competing amatuers trained during the daytime hours and sparred on Saturday mornings.  Full class schedules were offered in the evening and some daytime hours. Anyone who entered the Chicago Boxing Club's gym felt the intensity of those who trained there.

Chicago Boxing Club will continue to specialize in producing "Boxing Fight Night" events for private organizations and private golf clubs. Chicago amateur boxers will continue to get chances to perform at Chicago Boxing Club "fight night" at our private boxing shows. Click here for more info on Boxing Fight Nights


Chicago Boxing Club and will continue to serve as an information source for true fighters,boxers and boxing fans who are interested in finding Chicago's serious training gyms for boxing and self defense as well as muay thai and jiu-jitsu and other martial arts.Click here to get started on finding a serious Chicago fight gym.

Chicago Boxing Club offered  Boxing classes, Wrestling classes and Muay Thai classes for every skill level. Professional fighters and amateur boxers as well as boxing beginners were trained in an outstanding facility.  Chicago Boxing Club offered the best boxing gym, jiu-jitsu lessons and muay thai lessons in Chicago.

There are several combat sports including boxing and thai boxing that are popular worldwide but many of them are not Olympic sports. Boxing however is a very popular sport world wide and also is a popular Olympic sport. The 2012 London Olympic games brought added media attention to the world of boxing. This resulted in a surge of money invested worldwide in the sport. Examples of the increase in added revenue are merchandise sales, ticket sales and online betting. saw an influx of boxing related betting during and after the Olympics.